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Masolet original OMT table for Manual Therapy  (developed by Masolet in a long-time co-operation between prof. Freddy Kaltenborn / Prof. Olaf Evjenth and Jörgen B Ødemark).

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  • 5-part treatment OMT treatment table
  • Market’s strongest (pushforce: 1 ton) and fastest (11mm/s) motor
  • Middle section electrically assisted for lateral function
  • Sliding rear section with traction possibility
  • Special hip and shoulder brackets & banana for hip and shoulder traction
  • Electrically height adjustment with peripheral control
  • Width: 45, 50, 55, 62 cm
  • Height adjustment: 45-93 / 53-101 cm
  • Double sets of side supports
  • Narrow ergonomic head section with armrests and “multifunction”



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  • 10 years warranty for the steel construction
  • 5 years warranty for the motor
  • 1 years for the upholstery