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Masolet is a Swedish company, based in Burseryd, Sweden, CEO Jørgen Ødemark, with over 40 years of experience in the development of manual therapy treatment tables. The responsiveness to the needs and desires of manual physiotherapists made us the most renowned product developer in the industry.

Our 93 OMT manual treatment table is based on a long cooperation between Prof. Freddy Kaltenborn / Prof. Olaf Evjenth and Jorgen B Odemark.

Thanks to the gradual build-up and development of product concepts as well as the close collaboration with several professionists, Masolet has become the market leader in Sweden and Norway.

Thanks to our experience we can provide to our customers valuable advices and professional answers. The unique flexibility of our solutions grants us an advantage over other producers in the European market. Masolet distributes its products in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Spain and Italy.

The Company’s objective is to become the leading Company in the general manual therapy treatment tables market.

Masolet is a manufacturer and direct distributor.

Customer Service (in english, norwegian, swedish, finnish, italian…):