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ROPES Workstation for Synergetic Physiotherapy (download the brochure in PDF format - 4 MB)

The Ropes Workstation for synergetic physiotherapy is a complete system optimized for narrow spaces.

The standard setup shown in the following pictures, is composed by a treatment table, two rails installed on the ceiling (“Therapy Rack”) in which slide four little wagons that keep suspended 2 “Pro Line” sets. Each Pro Line sub-set is composed by a rope with its special lenght adjustable system.

You can get the most out of the Ropes Workstation using a Masolet ROPES treatment table. You can also use the workstation for floor- or standing- gymnastic exercises.

The “BUNGEE BAND” is a great tool to add body resistance across different exercise programs, synergetic physiotherapy, core training, cardio training, strengthening and functional reeducation.

The Black Line units can be used with the Workstation but they become extremely efficacious when used in conjunction with the “FTP Rack” which allows you to offer brand new synergetic physiotherapy group training programs. But there’s more, because the Black Line units can also be installed to any suitable supporting structure, for example along the sea for an open air synergetic physiotherapy session ! The Black Line can be mounted over door to provide the patient with synergetic home exercises.